Interview with Capt. Anil, Fleet Director of EPS

Oct 8, 2016


On 22nd, September 2016, Eastern Pacific Shipping held a Safety Workshop for all its Chinese sea staffs at the Huayang Maritime Center in Beijing. CNSS Journalist took this opportunity to speak with Capt. Anil Singh, Fleet Director of Eastern Pacific Shipping Singapore and asked him to share his views on Chinese Seafarer recruitment and their well-being.

CNSS: What kind of seafarers do you prefer during your recruitment?

Capt.Anil: When we interview candidates to join our organization as officers, we look for young intelligent individuals who in the long run are capable of becoming captain and chief engineer. Because we believe, in the cradle to grave philosophy, we take the young; we train them, and make them into excellent human beings and better officers.

CNSS: Compared to those seafarers from other countries, what is your opinion about the professional skills and the qualities of Chinese seafarers?

Capt.Anil: The Universities that I have visited in China are excellent. The level of education and training materials provided are of a high standard. I am of the opinion, after having visited similar institutions worldwide, it is higher than what I have noticed in some of the other countries which I have visited. We have been taking young Cadets from prestigious Chinese Maritime Universities for the last 11 years, and it is a success story. This was made possible because of proper evaluation during hiring followed with good on board training.

CNSS: How dose EPS attract excellent seafarers and retain them in your company.

Capt. Anil: EPS is an Equal Opportunity Employer and uphold our Core Values of Integrity, Respect, Teamwork and Commitment. All the terms and conditions offered to Chinese Seafarers are identical to those offered to the other nationalities serving in in the same rank on ships managed by EPS. Our Safety Standards are high and staff are handled with dignity and respect.

CNSS: In your opinion, which ranks of seafarers are in short supplies for the current shipping industry?

Capt. Anil: Senior officers worldwide are in short supply. Firstly, the reason is that there are many opportunities available ashore which entices the younger generation to join, so much so that young seafarers do not sit for their promotion examinations to become captain and chief engineer. Secondly, too many ships been constructed and this coupled with the first issue has created an acute shortage.

CNSS: As a ship owner, what is your expectation and advice for young seafarers?

Capt.Anil: The younger generation should understand that life at sea is by no means easy, and when choosing to sail with a Shipping company, while Salary is very important, it should not be the only driving factor. They should consider and take a few pointers into consideration before making a decision. These are:

1. Salary

2. Security

3. Stability.

In conclusion, they should decide wisely and then join only those shipping companies which are able to provide them the Security of a Job, have a high safety culture, provide them with a stable platform to work on unhindered. In so doing, not only will they and their families be satisfied, they will also rise on the promotion ladder faster.


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Source from : CNSS