NaviPlanner from Nautisk promises a new formula for voyage planning

May 23, 2017

Nautisk’s latest product release aims to revolutionise the way mariners manage their back of bridge systems. NaviPlanner is an integrated end-to-end voyage planning solution which utilises touch-screen functionality and uses cloud technology based on the Microsoft Azure platform.

Head of Nautisk’s product development and technical team Kjetil Bentsen said:



“NaviPlanner is designed to make the operational task of planning and managing voyages a simpler, more effective process, from start to finish. Using compliant navigational chart data and digital publications, NaviPlanner allows bridge officers and shore-based staff to utilise the latest in navigation technology whilst being assured that all data is up to date and compliant. Using big data, crowdsourcing and machine learning we are able to create the most innovative voyage planner to date.”

“Because it uses touch screen, NaviPlanner is intuitive to use and easy to operate, working much like Google maps or Bing to allow access to critical navigational data as well as additional information including weather, piracy and NavArea Warnings.”



NaviPlanner will be unveiled at next weeks’ Norshipping event in Oslo and is part of the new suite of digital products which Nautisk will launch this year. It will be closely supported and followed by a number of enhanced applications and products including NaviUpdate and NaviManager. It will also work in harmony with existing systems including NaviTab and Neptune.

Head of Global Sales Peter J Pran said:



“The market is changing and the digital revolution that the industry has been talking about for so long is finally taking shape. Nautisk plans to be at the forefront of this new chapter and we have worked together with our customers to develop new ideas, software solutions and technology that will assist them in navigating the challenges ahead, both figuratively and literally!”



Source: Nautisk

Source from : International Shipping News