IRClass goes green and boosts environmental sustainability with two initiatives

Jun 20, 2017

Indian Register of Shipping (IRClass), a leading classification society, has adopted two green initiatives – an in-house solar rooftop plant as well as a reed bed system – to continuously improve the environmental sustainability of operations at their head office in Mumbai, India.

Some of the unique features of the 72.6 kWp in-house solar rooftop plant include Canadian solar modules which were developed with the latest innovative cell technology – poly crystalline. The modules have excellent module efficiency of up to 16.97% and outstanding low irradiance performance of 96%.

Another unique feature of the solar rooftop plant is the 98%-efficient solar edge inverter which is IP65-compliant for outdoor installation. Producing up to 25% more energy than the standard systems, the inverter has a remarkable balance of system savings of 50% with deployment of longer strings.

A natural sewage treatment plant, the 5 KLD reed bed system aims to promote the reuse of treated sewage water and non-depletion of natural ground water table, as fresh water is fast becoming a scarce commodity – the treated water is mainly used for gardening or low-end purposes.

With the capacity to treat 5,000 litres of water per day, the reed bed system employs natural principles for treatment of domestic sewage. Specially-selected plants are made to combine their aeration strength with highly efficient microbial cultures.

The reed bed system is a simple and user-friendly method of wastewater treatment that does not require complex setups and instrumentation – an alternative to the conventional system.

Easy to maintain, the system does not consume significantly high amount of energy.

Executive Chairman, Mr. Arun Sharma said today: “We are now witnessing the damaging effects that environmentally-harmful operations have on human health and biodiversity, and therefore, it is more crucial than ever to provide our staff with a clean and green workplace – a sustainable future.”

“With our natural resources depleting at a worrying rate, every little effort towards saving the environment helps – and we aim to help in every little way we can; and in more ways in the future.”

Source: Indian Register of Shipping (IRClass)