2012 TRADEWINDS SHIPPING CHINA conference was held in Kerry Hotel in Pudong, Shanghai. Influential characters in global shipping industry, representatives of international classification society and top management of global shipping enterprises gathered here, discussed China's "twelfth five-year plan" and its relation with global trade and shipping industry, LNG ship business opportunity, ship lease issue, the present situation and future innovation direction of Chinese shipyards, development of maritime works and financing for ships. Present development conditions were further understood. This showed direction for the economic transformation and rejuvenation of global shipping enterprise.

Will the Dragon deliver?

 [Government and the industry should be more interactive; Improve understanding between industries and keep perfecting technical norms.]

TradeWinds ShippingChina 2012

The best quotation

CCS Mo Jianhui: Technical decisions should be scientific. Try to reduce influence of government and economic factors to technical decisions.

  • Robert Lorenz-Meyer:Shipyards should strive to narrow "overcapacity gap. Although China shipping industry is facing increasingly heavier pressure, the competence of China is beyond doubt.
  • Gurinder Singh:It is very beneficial for the steel industry and sustainable development of China to maintain the competence of Vale.

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Session 1:Where is China on the current maritime map of the world?

  • Session 1 Examining China’s 12th Five-Year Plan and its implications for global trade and shipping. How will the current global economic upheaval affect China’s import/export status quo? How likely is a dramatic restructuring in the trade balance with China importing more than it exports? What is the energy demand and supply outlook and what are its implications for China’s shipping industry? What is the outlook on consolidation in the sector – will it really be a case of “out with the small, in with the big” with smaller companies banding together to weather the storm?
Vice President of CCS Mo Jianhui
Banu Kannu
vale Gurinder Singh
Owner of Ernst Russ
Group Disccussion
Group Disccussion
Group Disccussion
Vice President of CCS Mo Jianhui

Section 2:Renegotiations and charter party disputes: A new reality?

  • Session 2 The second half of 2011 will be remembered for the unusual flood of charter party disputes, unpaid bills and re-negotiations that emerged in a troubled market. As major Chinese players like COSCO “vow to continue their policy of renegotiation” (TradeWinds, Nov 2011), what does this mean for their counterparties and how can this new risk be dealt with? Does the world simply have to come to terms with China’s more pragmatic approach towards contracts? As charterers from other parts of the world jump on the re-negotiation bandwagon, will this be the “new normal” and the only way to cope with the tight credit market?
Geir Sviggum, Partner Wikborg Rein
Andrew Meadows
Lambros Babilis
Gerald Yee Senior Associate Ince & Co.
Banu Kannu
Question & Answer Session
Question & Answer Session
Pacific Basin Shipping , Wang Chunlin
at the conference
Group Disccussion
Group Disccussion

Section3:Grasping the enormity of the LNG story in China

  • Session 3 China’s LNG demand is said to reach 31 million tons per annum by 2015 (Wood Mackenzie). How will this demand be met and what fixed and floating infrastructural developments need to take place to support this appetite? Based on current import growth, China will need more than 65 LNG carriers or “marine superfreezers” by 2015 – can domestic yards cope? Further reports of Russia requiring up to 40 LNG carriers has the market excited – will the projects these orders are dependent on come to fruition?
Vice President of global gas development, the U.S. Classification Society
Alexandre Eykerman Director– LNG Wärtsilä Ship Power
Mr. James Wu, regional advisory manager for DNV Greater China
clare calnan,
Partner Wikborg Rein
Group Disccussion
CNSS Reporter
Group Disccussion
Group Disccussion

Section 4:Grasping the enormity of the LNG story in China (con’d)

Teekay Shipping Matthew Blake
Ralph Leszczynski
Michael Pak
Group Disccussion
Hsu Chih-Chien
Foresight Anil Deshpande
Group Disccussion

Presentation of the "TradeWinds Shipping China Executive of the Year" Award,kindly sponsored by Wärtsilä

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Section 5:Is the clock ticking for China’s shipyards?

  • Session 5 China fleetingly took top spot as the world’s leading shipbuilding nation in 2010 but dropped to a dismal third of that shipbuilding volume in 2011. The record shows that 6 out of the top 10 Chinese shipyards had no orders in Q3 of 2011 (Global and China Shipbuilding Industry Report, 2010-2011). According to statistics released by the National Development & Reform Commission (NDRC), in 2011, bulkers made up 70.8% of newbuilding contracts, followed by containerships at 11.5%, and tankers at 7.7%. Are Chinese yards focusing their attention on the right vessel type for the market?
asushi Nakamura
Question & Answer Session

Section 6:Taking technology and innovation from rhetoric to reality

  • Session 6 With the national drive towards the “greening” of China, the move towards more efficient vessels and more technologically advanced yards fits in nicely with the memo on the environment from Beijing. How are Chinese yards and owners responding to the global shift towards better, more fuel-efficient and cost-effective vessels and operation?
Wan Xiaoyue
Peng Weili
Zhu Zhikuan
Project Director

communicates with guests

Setion 7:Ship finance – can and will Chinese banks fill the severe funding gap?

  • Session 7: Much has been discussed about the size and value of the current orderbook that remains unfunded – what are the likely outcomes of this gaping deficit? With the constant refrain of “too many ships, not enough funding” being heard throughout the industry, what are some actual solutions and how can owners and lenders work together, rather than against each other, to lift the sector out of the current doldrums? What role are Chinese shipping banks playing in the global ship financing arena?
Liu Hua
Diao Gang
He Min
Question & Answer Session
Question & Answer Session

Setion 8:China’s offshore: The only bright spot?

  • Session 8:
  • • How sound are the factors underpinning global offshore investment?
  • • Are we facing an “offshore fabrication bubble” (Martin Stopford, Clarksons)
  • • How will the offshore fleet develop and are China’s yards ready to build to newer and more demanding specifications?
  • • Which are the most successful offshore players in China and how did they get there?
  • • What are some safety and environmental concerns that have surfaced since Deepwater Horizon and are Chinese offshore operators equipped for new standards?
  • • What is the current level of seismic activity in China & the region: where is the current E&P going on? How is this impacting vessel deployment decisions from owners.
Chen Gang
DNV Representative
Tan Ruifeng
Frode Tobiassen
at the conference
at the conference

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