Russia, China examine partnership on developing Arctic shipping route

May 7, 2019

Russia has turned to China seeking to agree on a collaboration to develop ports as well as other infrastructure in the Arctic. Namely, Russia aspires to partner with China to create a shipping route along the Northern Sea Route.

In fact, speaking to local media, Russian Ambassador to China Andrey Denisov, confirmed that Russia plans to cooperate with China in creating an Arctic shipping route.

This plan includes the development of new ports and other infrastructure, aiming to to increase cargo shipments across the 'Northern Sea Route'.

In fact, according to Mr. Denisov, of the discussions regarding the supply of Russian gas to China through the 'Power of Siberia', two are at an advanced stage. However, the two parties have not yet agreed on the price.

Sources report that the 'Eastern Route' will be finalized on December 10, being able to transfer 38 billion cubic meters of gas to China per year.

Nevertheless, these plans between Russia and China have raised concerns from other Arctic countries, as well as environmentalists.

Currently, Russia controls around half of the overall Arctic coastline and is trying to advance sea traffic in the area.

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