Shanghai & Zhejiang Require Vessels Use Low Sulphur Fuel


SubjectShanghai and Zhejiang MSA Require Vessels Use Low Sulphur Content Fuel (Not Exceeding 0.5%mm) in Yangtze River Delta ECA from 01.10.2018

Reference is made to our previous circular No.1714 on ECA issue in China, wherein we advised that ships are required to use fuel with sulphur contents not exceeding 0.5%mm

----when berthing (excluding one hour after berthing and once hour before departure) at all ports within three ECAs as from 01.01.2018, and

----during the whole period when ships are in the ECAs from 01.01.2019.


On 27.08.2018, Shanghai MSA issued a formal notice on implementing requirement of using low sulphur content fuel (not exceeding 0.5%mm) for ships navigating in Shanghai port area from 01.10.2018, which can be interpreted as an early adoption of requirement that had been planned to become effective from 01.01.2019.

On 30.08.2018, Zhejiang MSA issued a similar notice to the effect that vessels with destinations of Ningbo or Zhoushan will be required to use low sulphur fuel once they enter Yangtze River Delta ECA as from 01.10.2018.

According to the notice, the requirement applies to all ships which are navigating, berthing or operating in Shanghai port, excluding ships or crafts to be used for military or sporting purpose and fishing boats.

From 01.10.2018, ships with shore power receiving facilities shall use shore power when berthing at terminal which is equipped with shore power facilities in Shanghai. Ships berthing at Ningbo-zhoushan and Jiaxing port shall prioritize using shore power if condition allows.

After recognized by Maritime Administration, ships can take alternative measures, such as using clean energy, exhaust gas cleaning system and etc. to satisfy the emission control requirement.

Ships can apply for immunity or exemption under certain circumstances, such as using low sulphur fuel oil is unsafe to ships or failure to obtain fuel oil with sulphur content not exceeding 0.5%mm to Maritime administration in advance.

Given the above, owners are recommended to take appropriate measures when calling Shanghai, Ningbo-Zhoushan and Jiaxing port as from 01.10.2018 to ensure satisfaction of relevant requirements and to avoid any delay or penalty to the ship.

Source from : HUATAI