East China Zhoushan Port booming with trade


The Zhoushan Port in east China's Ningbo city, Zhejiang Province, is booming with trade, thanks to the Belt and Road initiative.

The port, one of world's largest in terms of annual throughput, lies in the intersection of the Silk Road Economic Belt and the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road. Over the past few years since the Belt and Road initiative was proposed, the port has witnessed its throughput capacity growing to one billion tons as against only 800 million tons in 2013 when the initiative was proposed.

"The port has made great progress in its development in the recent years after the Belt and Road Initiative was proposed. Our throughput capacity was only 800 million tons in 2013 when the initiative was proposed. But, by the end of 2017 the throughput capacity reached one billion tons," said Jiang Wei, spokesman of the Zhoushan Port Group, adding it is the world's first port to reach that amount.

The record throughput has raised the demand for expansion and upgrading in order to make it even more competitive along the Belt and Road.

The port managing company says the upgrading include an improved transfer capacity, new channels, more docks and enhanced technologies.

To better connect the One Belt and One Road, the port has launched sea-rail through services to reach far into the inland.

It has deepened its cooperation with major shipping companies and harbors to increase 10 more routes along the Belt and Road, and increase the annual voyages to nearly 5,000.

As business continues to boom here, the government has granted more policies for it to further tap its potentials.

At the Ningbo Shipping Exchange, the latest index released on port logistics reflects the trend of trade development within China and relevant countries.

"From the index, we can see that from 2014 to the first half this year, the Maritime Silk Road Index rose steadily," said Dong Shanhua, General Manager of the Ningbo Shipping Exchange.

To better serve as a pivot point for the Belt and Road economy, managers of the Zhoushan port have constantly developed support facilities and services for businesses in and outside China.

It has set up a free trade zone in Meishan in the greater port area, where first roll-on roll-off shipping service started for importing and exporting vehicles. The bonded warehouse and efficient customs clearance have make it easier for imported cars to reach Chinese customers.

Domestic companies enjoy wider accesses to the global market. In early August, more than 800 Chinese Geely cars were shipped to several countries along the routes and more are expected in the future.

The promising potential of the port attracts many enterprises.

"Kangda used to be a Shanghai-based company. We moved here in 2015 through the major projects of the Zhejiang Province to attract investment, considering regional advantage and beneficial policies," said Tian Hongjun, R and D Director of the Kangda Medical Group.

Authorities say the Zhoushan port will attract more business. By 2022, the port plans to bring its annual throughput capacity to more than 1.2 billion tons and provide a first-class shipping services and trade platform.

Source from : cctvplus