Chinese authority warns ZPMC over environmental pollution


Chinese port machinery manufacturer Shanghai Zhenhua Heavy Industries Co (ZPMC) has come under the radar of China’s environmental protection supervision group over its role in environmental pollution.

The Chinese authority pointed out that the impacted area is the Changxing base of ZPMC, which is the largest production base of ZPMC and is engaged in port machinery and steel structure production.

Open spray painting and welding dust have been singled out as the major causes of the air pollution at Changxing base.

The Chinese authority said it had first notify ZPMC over pollution matters back in 2016, but no improvement has been made.

ZPMC has not released any official clarification on the case till now.

Shanghai-headquartered ZPMC has 10 production bases located in Shanghai, Nantong with a total area of 6,670,000 square meters and 10 kilometers of coastline, including the Changxing base which has a five-kilometer deepwater coastline.

Source from : Seatrade