China sets out plans to strengthen transportation sector


China issued the plan to strengthen the nation’s position in transportation sector with an aim to improve infrastructure and expand the logistics network globally.

According to the plan, China aims to establish a comprehensive modern transportation system by 2035 with a focus on eco-friendliness.

Referring to the shipping and port sector, Li Xiaopeng, China’s Minister of Transport said that the Chinese ports handled 14.3bn tonnes of cargo throughput in 2018, ranking number one globally.

Seven of the top ten ports are Chinese ports, including Ningbo-Zhoushan, Shanghai, Tangshan, Guangzhou, Qingdao, Suzhou and Tianjin ports.

The next step is to improve infrastructure and equipment research and development capacity, further reduce logistics costs and improve efficiency and services, said Li.

China will also strengthen the development and construction of large-sized LNG carriers, polar vessels, intelligent ships and vessels utilising new energy sources; promote and upgrade the technology for intelligent shipping and automated terminals.

Additionally, the nation will expand international shipping and logistics services, develop cross-border railway link and build more sea-rail transportation channels.

Source from : Seatrade