The program for Tianjin free trade zone is to come out


The State Council has officially approved new round the further opening-up of Tianjin Port. Dongjiang port district under the jurisdiction of Tianjin Port is the main position to declare free trade area.

The analysts believed that Tianjin free trade zone is quite different from Shanghai free trade zone, which will further highlighted Regional characteristics. The opening-up of Tianjin Port has offered basic insurance for exploring the development of free trade zone. Together with speed-up of integration of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei Province as well as interconnection and interworking of economic and administrative resources, this kind of economic style will significantly influence Tianjin free trade zone.

Top-end manufacture industry is the obvious competitive industry in Tianjin and shipping trade is also the advantage. Financial service will be concentrated on the two items. Central business district of Tianjin Binhai New area undertakes more financial functions, including finance leasing, business factoring and fund settlement.

Considering high-level demand for risk management ability, it would be premature to develop some finance reform measures nationalwide.

Source from : CNSS