Liangyungang promotes 60 local port and logistics projects in Hong Kong


EASTERN China's seaport of Lianyungang recently held an investment promotion campaign in Hong Kong.

A total of 19 projects were signed on the campaign, worth a collective sum of US$2.51 billion, according to Xinhua's report.

Liangyungang promoted 60 projects of logistics, harbour-front industries, urban development and other related fields. Key projects includes Jingangwan Logistics Park, a logistics and warehousing facility in Guanyun county, sea-river intermodal infrastructure and a petrol-chemical manufacturing facility.

Lianyungang governor Li Qiang said Hong Kong and Lianyungang have a lot in common and vast potential in cooperation on port, logistics and harbour-front industries. Hong Kong has been the largest foreign investor origin for Lianyungang and is also the first choice in Lianyungang's potential partners.

Hong Kong investors invested in 239 projects in Lianyungang from 2009 to 2011, entailing a sum of US$1.85 billion, taking up 55.8 per cent of Lianyungang's foreign investment total.

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