Gazprom Neft Marine Bunker plans to boost fuel sales 2.8 times to 8.2 mln tons by 2025


Gazprom Neft Marine Bunker, subsidiary of Gazprom Neft on ship fuel supply, has updated its long-term development strategy having fixed the objectives through 2025. According to the statement of Gazprom Neft, bunker fuel sales will boost to 8.2 mln tons by 2025, up 2.83 times as compared with the result of 2012 and up 16.7% against the plan for 2020. With this, the company’s share in Russian bunker market is to reach 27%. Gazprom Neft Marine Bunker will further develop its own terminal network and fleet. By 2025, the company will operate seven terminals and 20 vessels.

In 2012, the company’s total sales of ship fuel reached 2.9 mln tons. With sales-to-ship increased by 38% up to 1.8 mln tons, the company confirmed its leadership in retail sales in Russia. Gazprom Neft Marine Bunker holds a leading position in the Russian bunker market with a share of 18.6%. The company owning a fleet of 7 vessels supplies bunker to 24 Russian ports.

“Dynamic development of Gazprom Neft bunker business is a foundation for setting even more ambitious tasks till 2025. The major trend of the global bunkering market is the severization of requirements to ecological characteristics of bunker fuels. Therefore, apart from the intensive global expansion, Gazprom Neft intends to diversify its products and to implement the project on LNG bunkering which is to facilitate the creation of a new market segment,” notes Levan Kadagidze, head of Commercial Directorate at Gazprom Neft.

GPN Marine Bunker operates through nine regional offices and two subsidiaries. Gazprom Neft Shipping operates a fleet of the company, Gazprom Neft Terminal SPb operates oil depot based at Kirov plant in St. Petersburg. Neft Marine Bunker" has a strong position in all major sea and river ports of Russia. GPN Marine Bunker provides its services at 15 seaports and 9 river ports.

LLC Gazprom Neft Marine Bunker, a subsidiary of Gazprom Neft created in 2007, specializes in year-round supply of marine fuels and lubes to sea-going and river vessels. As of today, the company comprises 9 regional representative offices and 2 subsidiaries. Gazprom Neft Shipping operates the company’s fleet, Gazprom Neft Terminal SPb operates a bunker tank farm in the territory of Kirov Works (St. Petersburg).

Gazprom Neft Marine Bunker is a leading operator in the Russian bunker market, with an extensive geographical reach and a presence at all major ports of the Russian Federation : 15 sea ports and 9 river ports in total.

-- Source from GazpromNeft Marine Bunker

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