Titanic II marketing blitz in HK and Macau


Amid a large marketing blitz in Macau and Hong Kong over the weekend further details have emerged of Australian mining tycoon Clive Palmer’s ambitious project to build Titanic II at CSC Jinling Shipyard in China.

Raymond Tam, Blue Star's director of Asia operations, said the contract for Titanic II would help propel Chinese shipbuilding to top place in the world.

“China has been one of the strongest players in building bulk carriers and container vessels,” Tam said. “In terms of building luxury ships, they have a small market share. However, Titanic II will be the start of a massive Chinese challenge to the European luxury shipbuilders.”

A contract has yet to be officially signed with CSC Jinling. Thus far, just a memorandum of understanding has been signed. "Both parties are working very, very hard to finalise the deal," Tam said, in a report carried in the South China Morning Post.

More than 600 peopled attended the Titanic II gala dinner in Macau on Saturday night.

"We've probably had half a dozen people already offering more than $1m to get on the maiden voyage," claimed James McDonald, global marketing director of Palmer's Blue Star Line company.

Titanic II’s maiden voyage from the UK to North America is scheduled for late 2016.

McDonald said the ship may well sail to Hong Kong and other Asian destinations in the future.

-- Source from Sino Ship News

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