ALE Uses New System to Raise the Roofs in Argentina


ALE has completed its first job using a newly-designed jack-up system at a high-altitude mining project in Argentina.

The method used by ALE to construct the roof of the building was also a first; stock pile buildings are usually raised girder by girder, but due to the high altitude and harsh weather conditions, the modules were preassembled at lower altitude and transported to the installation site, ALE said in a statement.

ALE used the Mega Jack System to raise the roof in three sections weighing 1,500 tonnes each. ALE used four towers of the Mega Jack System and ten hydraulic skid shoes. To combat winds that could reach 150 kilometers per hour, ALE installed a guy wire system consisting of four 200-tonne strand jacks at each end of the building.

The roof of the building was positioned in three sections above the ground on temporary stands. ALE positioned the skid systems at each end of the building to enable the side sections of the roof to be skidded inward while the main inner section of the building was lifted 18 meters to its final position.

The Mega Jack System was launched in 2011, primarily designed to jack oil and gas platform modules. The system which is can lift up to 60,000 tonnes to a heights of 50 meters. It was built by ALE’s engineers at the Research and Development facility in Breda, The Netherlands.

Source from Breakbulk China

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