China ‘Reduce export reliance’


Chinese experts said at China's Shipbuilding Industry Development Forum held in November 21 in Beijing that both delivery of new vessels and delivery of ships for export by Chinese yards were both decreasing, thus, they stressed, Chinese shipbuilding and allied industries entered into the most important period of upgrading and conversion.

Xinhua of China reported that China is categorized as the No.1 shipbuilding country however, it has suffered a heavy blow since 2008 of economic crisis.

Chen Qi, director from China Shipbuilding Integrated Technology Research Institute of CSSC, pointed out that Chinese shipyards have focused on constructions of low-value added large vessels. However, global shipbuilding market already saw its center move into high-specification and high-value added ships.

You Shumin, Equipment Industry Section chief of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China said that China’s construction technology of advanced vessels display a considerably huge gap compared to overseas technology. As problems of repeated investment and overcapacity are notable, China needs to expand development of technology R&D in order to enhance manufacturing levels for major facility and equipment and change China from ‘No.1 shipbuilding country’ to ‘Shipbuilding power country’, he stressed.

In addition, You pointed out that shipbuilding and allied industries need to aggressively make partnership with related sectors including shipping, offshore oil field development and so on to create domestic markets and get out of the current situation where yards have depended on exports for a long time.

Source from : asiasis