Mass flow meters to boost fuel delivery capacity by 50%: CYE


Turkey’s bunker fuel supplier CYE Petrol is expecting its fuel delivery capacity to increase by about 50% through the use of mass flow meters.

In addition, the mass-based measurement solutions are Measuring Instrument Directive (MID) approved to meet international standards for custody transfer and will reduce measurement uncertainty that can lead to disputes or delayed vessel movements.

“We want to be able to offer our customers a new level of accuracy,” Deniz Eraydin, general manager of CYE Petrol, said in a statement released by Emerson Process Management, a supplier of mass flow meters.

Physical supplier CYE Petrol supplies 15,000-20,000 metric tonnes of bunker per month to Istanbul and Izmit bay areas as well as ports in the Black Sea and Sea of Marmara.

“In addition, by reducing measurement uncertainty and the resultant disputes that can delay deliveries, our potential capacity may be increased from 15,000-20,000 metric tonnes per month to 25,000-30,000 metric tonnes per month,” Eraydin said.

Emerson’s mass flow meters will be installed on two of CYE Petrol’s new 1,650-dwt double-hull bunker tankers and they are expected to start operations later this year. A further four vessels will be fitted with the Emerson system over the next 18 months.

Meanwhile, the world's largest bunkering port Singapore will be mandating the use of mass flow meters from 1 January 2017. Singapore is by far the first port in the world to enforce the use of mass flow meters.

Source from : Seatrade Global