Former Panama Registry chief tells why he jumped ship to Liberia flag


Alfonso Castllero former chief of the Panama Registry until 25 July has joined Liberia, the world second largest registry, as its vice president. In an exclusive interview with Seatrade Global, he explains why he jumped ship.

Although Liberia remains in second position at 30 June, 2014 with 132m gt, behind Panama flag with 220.09m gt, according to Lloyd’s Register, Liberia ship registry has showed constant growth in recent years. Scott Bergeron, ceo of the Liberian International Ship & Corporate Registry (LISCR), the US-based manager of the Liberian Registry, said in a statement: “We welcome the appointment of Alfonso Castillero. It is not every day that the opportunity arises to appoint somebody of his experience and quality.”

Castillero who climbed to Panama’s register highest position told Seatrade Global he believes that he “did [his] best for Panama but that it was time to join the private sector."

“I continue to believe that Panama needs a complete holistic re-engineering and new approach. It is not something new. I have been saying that for years and even making public comments about it in international media,” he said. In his farewell letter to Panama’s users, Castillero said he trusted “that the new [Panama] authorities will have the same vision of continuous improvement and to offer a better service at a competitive price for the benefit of [our] users and the country.”

From now on, the new Liberia Register vice president will be travelling for the first six months “getting up on Liberia’s structure and staff since the Register has offices fully set up worldwide and also visiting clients, developing new services, registration of ships and offshore corporations. What I want is to offer a whole package including not only flagging but incorporation of companies for shipowners,” he explained.

“Liberia is an extremely serious registry, full of excellent professionals committed to innovation and service. We will keep growing because our product is excellent, easy to buy and service is outstanding with an impeccable record of safety. In addition, its management has a clear long-term vision,” Castillero commented.

For Bergeron, Castillero’s, “Long involvement at the highest level of international ship registry affairs will be invaluable and will strengthen the cadre of seasoned industry professionals who help to make Liberia the flag of choice for continually increasing numbers of the world’s leading ship owners and operators.”

Source from : Seatrade Global