Australia: Labour action at Port Hedland


Our correspondents have confirmed recent media reports that tugboat deckhands at Port Hedland, Australia, have approved labour action in a continued dispute over pay and conditions.

This could have a significant impact on one of the most significant iron ore export terminals in Australia.

There has not been any immediate action, but the labour concerned are able to implement such action quickly should they choose to do so.

Loss prevention advice

Members calling at Port Hedland, or planning on fixing for that facility, should keep close and continuous contact with local agents over the possible taking of labour action, as such decisions may come at short notice.

Members should also pay particular attention to terms in their charterparty relating to:

giving of Notices of Readiness

the commencement and calculation of laytime

the start of demurrage

exceptions, exemptions or exclusions from laytime or demurrage

so called “force majeure” provisions

Having a clear understanding as to how a charterparty allocates the risk between owner and charterers as to the risk of delay occasioned by the action of 3rd parties is important for profitable voyage planning.

Source from : Skuld