Intertanko vocal in support of IMO bunker quality control testing


Intertanko has praised moves at IMO to introduce quality control testing for bunkers, calling it “a step in the right direction” as new sulphur limits loom in North Europe and North America.

Although engine-room sampling already takes place aboard vessels under MARPOL Annex VI, IMO has agreed to consider tests which would involve bunker fuel on the supplier side, before it is delivered to the vessels.

The testing, Intertanko argues, would be essential for shipowners’ compliance with the North European and North American sulphur emissions limits entering into force in 2015. Technical director Dragos Rauta said: “Port authorities such as the EU Member States will have a real challenge in demonstrating non-compliance by testing fuels used by ships when ships may hold test results demonstrating that the fuel delivered to them was not compliant.”

A collaboration of Intertanko, the Marshall Islands and Liberian registries have argued that there is “ample evidence” of failures under the existing regime.

Following the US proposal for non-mandatory MARPOL VI guidelines for bunker suppliers, Intertanko has recommended owners issue a Note of Protest to the next port’s Flag Administration, bunkering Port Authority and Port State Control authorities where bunker suppliers refuse to under MARPOL VI sampling tests witnessed by the crew.

“We welcome this decision,” said Intertanko md Katharina Stanzel. “However this is only the beginning as we believe that control of compliance should be transparent along the entire supply chain. Our members and all shipowners should be able to have confidence, and documented proof, that fuels they receive are at or above the mandated standards.”

Source from : Seatrade Global