Chongqing small shipyards are worried about orders while large yard are waiting for official approval


The construction of Yangtze River economic belt has brought a silver lining for Chongqing depressed shipbuilding industry.

Recently China announced recently new measures for the Yangtze River economic belt.A State Council guideline released seeks to enhance the traffic capacity of the river and its tributaries.China's longest river is also one of the busiest inland rivers for freight traffic worldwide. Water resources will be protected through strict control over pollution along the river.

The journalist of National Business Daily visited some shipbuilding enterprises and found that lots of small and middle-sized shipyards are still in depression. Due to less support of investment and technology, the shipyard mentioned above cannot meet inland river ship type standardization. While the large shipbuilding enterprises are sticking to development space of river-sea transportation ship type, the embarrassment for them is unapproved by Ministry of Transport.

In conclusion, although China government has done some investigation and analysis to help the shipbuilding industry out of trouble, it just can strive from transferring social resources, investment guidance,etc. but not able to improve the market demand. So the support from the government is limited.

Data shows that 1H 2014, ship enterprises above designated size totally were 1485 including shipbuilding, ship supporting and ship repairing, compared 1664 in 2013. It is showed that more enterprises are shut down or go bankruptcy.

Source from : CNSS