Cross-border E-commerce base to be built in Tianjin Port FTZ


Cross-border E-commerce base in Tianjin Port free trade zone is to be launched. It will be constructed by Tianjin International Logistics Park Company and a technology development company in Tianjin.

The advantages of cross-border e-commerce lie in lower cost, high efficiency and less intermediate links for a lot of traditional companies seeking breakthroughs in sales.

An increasing number of Chinese enterprises have stretched their tentacles to cross-border e-commerce in overseas exports, which plays a big role in cutting down costs and raising collection rates.

The cross-border e-commerce base in Tianjin port is an E-commerce trial unit and will help further innovate port supervision model, expand service function and speed up clearance.

It is aimed to construct the significant distributing center of cross-border commerce in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei area and North China

Source from : CNSS