China Iron Ore Weekly Monitor


Imported ore prices have been falling since the start of the year due to supply and demand imbalance, even dropping below costs of overseas mines. Profits at the four largest mines in the world were also squeezed significantly, causing their share prices to fall at one point. This forced them to curtail costs.

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The iron ore pricing has always been dominated by the world’s top three iron ore producers. As world’s largest steel producer and consumer, China, however, has never had a voice in iron ore talks. World’s top three mining giants led by BHP expect the financialisation and indexation of iron ore, so that the price is not only determined by supply & demand, but also affected by many other factors.

Industry Trend

The world’s top three iron ore producers together raised the iron ore contract prices in Q3 2010, leaving the already sluggish steel market in a worse situation. In contrast, existing prices of domestic iron ores and spot prices of imported ores are well below iron ore contract prices. Contract prices are higher than spot prices. Where do/ will Chinese steel mills go?

Thus, SMM launches China Iron Ore Weekly Monitor which emphasizes on tracing and analyzing the iron ore price and its trend. SMM also issues Iron Ore Price Index based on the prices gathered from domestic iron ore miners directly. Moreover, the integrated research on iron ore import & export, plus the analysis on weekly highlights could help readers to understand China iron ore market comprehensively and allows more accurate prediction of price movements.

Key Features:

– SMM iron ore fines prices are the direct quote from the iron ore fines manufacturers, which ensures its reliability and timeliness.

– Based on analysis of industry-related macro and micro policies, thousands of telephone surveys, and extensive contact with industry experts, SMM presents the report in a comprehensive and insightful manner. From the prices, supply & demand, import & export, inventories, this report will provide you the integrated analysis on iron ore market trends on a weekly basis, and help you better understand reasons behind any change in the industry.

Core Data:

Iron Ore Price Index; Import & Export Data; Freight Charges; Port Inventory; Operating Rates, Cost and profit at Iron Ore Fines producers; Iron ore cost in per ton of pig iron.

Source from : SMM