COSL Drilling Europe resumes mobile rig operation with Statoil


COSL Drilling Europe Statoil

COSL Drilling Europe, subsidiary of China Oilfield Services Limited (COSL), announced over the weekend that Statoil has resumed operations for one of its mobile drilling rigs COSLPromoter.

About two weeks ago, Statoil had wanted to terminate the services of the rig, which is currently working in the Troll Field of Norway.

COSL Drilling Europe said the company has implemented the necessary measures to meet demands from Statoil for COSLPromoter to continue its work.

Statoil, however, has went ahead to terminate the chartering of another mobile drilling rig COSLInnovator, which was also working in the Troll Field.

As a result of Statoil's decision, COSL Drilling Europe said it has to retrench 230 staff both onshore and offshore.

Source from : Seatrade Global