Skangas Delivers First LNG for Polaris Icebreaker


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Scandinavian liquefied natural gas (LNG) provider Skangas has made the first delivery of liquefied natural gas (LNG) for the world’s first LNG-powered icebreaker Polaris.

The vessel was bunkered from two LNG road tankers at Helsinki’s Vuosaari Harbour on June 18–19, 2016 before its first sea trial on LNG.

The dual-fuel icebreaker uses LNG as the primary fuel and diesel as a reserve fuel, which significantly reduces both carbon emissions and fuel costs, making it the world’s most environmentally friendly icebreaker.

“Polaris will provide a major increase in security for Finland’s winter navigation – with an added bonus of being powered with environmentally friendly LNG. We’re determined to ensure the efficient and reliable year-round operability of shipping for Finland’s businesses,” Jarkko Toivola, Head of Winter Navigation Unit at the Finnish Transport Agency, said.

“Once Finland’s first LNG terminal is opened in August, the vessel can also be bunkered directly from the terminal, or bunkering can take place from road tankers at ports around the country,” Skangas Sales and Marketing Director, Tommy Mattila, said.

Featuring a length of some 110 metres, the icebreaker has been designed for the demanding icebreaking operations in the Baltic Sea and fitted for oil recovery and emergency towing.

Source from : World Maritime News