Joint development project of “K-IMS”; Integrated vessel operation


Joint development project of “K-IMS”; Integrated vessel operation

K” Line Group are focusing on maintaining and improving vessel safety operation and environmental preservation since we regards it as first principle to run our business sustainably fulfilling social responsibility.

As part of making our principle firm, “K” Line and Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd Group have developed “K-IMS”*1 ; Integrated vessel operation and performance management system.

Though “K-IMS” is based on 2 kinds of existing systems equipped our fleet of ; “SPAS”(Ship Performance Analyzing System) which is the electrical AB log and vessel performance analyzed, and “EP-Monitor”(Engine Plant Monitor) which is a remote monitoring system for the vessel engine plant condition, we have made it a new system by integrating developed “EP-Monitor” which has become able to collect and observe all kinds of operation data including navigation data and “NAVI” (Optimum Navigation System) we have newly adopted. Integrating these individual systems enables us to utilize the real-time operation data from vessels, so-called Big data, in mutual systems and also enables us to support vessel operation and manage vessel performance in an easy way by grasp of real-time vessel operating conditions, optimum safety route selection, the latest vessel performance and so on through the new data browsing system we have developed.

Source from : hellenic shipping news