Euploia Drydocks & Services Ltd announces Collaboration with H.CEGIELSKI – POZNAŃ S.A.


Euploia Drydocks & Services Ltd signed a collaboration agreement with H.CEGIELSKI – POZNAŃ S.A.. Euploia Drydocks and Services Ltd wish to broaden professional horizons by representing in Greece, H.CEGIELSKI – POZNAŃ S.A., the world’s top manufacturer of Diesel engines under MAN/ B&W and Wärtsilä / Sulzer licenses since the 1950s.

H.CEGIELSKI – POZNAŃ S.A. is known all around the world for original Diesel engines, spare parts of the longest life-time and highest quality, compressors and radial blowers. H.CEGIELSKI – POZNAŃ S.A. delivers original spare parts that are produced according to standards and under strict manufacturing supervision performed by licensors, which is a guarantee of their original quality and compatibility with the element being replaced. Another important aspect of their advantage is the fact that H.CEGIELSKI – POZNAŃ S.A. also guarantees professional service for Diesel engines. The organizationally separate Service Department operates swiftly and flexibly, providing continuous technical support, co-operation and technical consulting services. H.CEGIELSKI – POZNAŃ S.A. also operates maintenance and repair programmes for engines produced by the company.

Charis Valentakis, Managing Director of Euploia Drydocks and Services Ltd commented: “This collaboration aligns with our vision to offer our clients high quality services & spares parts. We look forward to building a mutually beneficial relationship with H.CEGIELSKI – POZNAŃ S.A., I sincerely hope that this first step will lead to long term collaboration between our companies”.

Małgorzata Lachowicz, Sales Department Manager, of H.CEGIELSKI – POZNAŃ S.A., added: “We are committed to our collaboration with Euploia Drydocks and Services Ltd. Through this Agency Agreement we expect to expand our business in the field of Diesel engines, original spare parts for Diesel engines, compressors and radial blowers, professional service for Diesel engines as well as to increase our sales in the Greek Shipping market. We look forward to building a mutually beneficial relationship with Euploia Drydocks and Services Ltd which will be based on Trust & Reliability.”

Source: Euploia Drydocks & Services Ltd

Source from : Hellenic Shipping News