First container giant MOL Triumph arrives at port


The awe-inspiring container vessel MOL Triumph entered the port of Rotterdam today. It is the first of three container ships with a capacity of over 20,000 TEU that will be calling on Rotterdam over the next few weeks.

Over the course of this month and the next, the world’s top three ULCCs (ultra large container carriers) will be entering the port. On Saturday 10 June, Rotterdam expects to welcome the Maersk Madrid, which has a cargo capacity of 20,568 TEU. And in the night of 23 to 24 June, the OOCL Hong Kong will be mooring at Euromax. With a capacity of 21,100 TEU, this ship was recently recognised as the world’s largest container ship. Those interested in seeing the ships up close are advised to take the boat tour from FutureLand information centre. Between 1 May and 1 October, FutureLand is also open on Saturdays.

Source: Port of Rotterdam

Source from : Port News