MOU Signing between Astomos and Statoil for further study in applying LPG as shipping bunker fuels


Astomos Energy Corporation (“Astomos”) and Statoil ASA (“Statoil”) have agreed to conclude a Memorandum of Understanding(“MOU”) for further study in applying LPG as shipping bunker fuels(“LPG bunkering”). LPG bunkering concept was shaped as one of the solutions for the approaching SOx Regulation for shipping fuels in 2020. This MOU was settled to enhance further cooperation for Astomos and Statoil to share and research information for further collaboration in the fields of consideration of LPG fueled vessels, organizing global supply sites for LPG bunkering and many other fields relating to LPG bunkering.

For the past years, Astomos and Statoil have been forming respectable business partnership in the fields of seaborne LPG trading all around the world. This MOU made stronger partnership for two companies and will contribute to expansion of new business fields.

Source: Astomos Energy Corporation

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