For First Time in Shipbuilding Industry Hyundai Heavy Industries Completes Real-size LNG Vessel Demonstration Facility


Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI) shows its advanced technologies in liquefied natural gas (LNG) vessels which expand the market due to stricter environment regulations.

The company announced on June 19 that it recently completed “total LNG vessel demonstration facility,” which allows customers to directly verify performance and safety of core facilities of LNG ships, for the first time in the shipbuilding industry at the headquarters in Ulsan.

HHI set up a 25MW LNG fuel supply system demonstration facility in 2012 and added an 85MW demonstration facility in 2015. In addition, the company built a LNG regasification system demonstration facility this year, completing the total demonstration facility for LNG vessels. The company is the only shipbuilding company that has the total demonstration facility for LNG vessels.

Based on the demonstration facility, HHI proves performance of its self-developed LNG fuel supply system called “Hi-GAS,” leading to winning actual orders. The company used the Hi-GAS in its 176,000-square-meter high performance LNG carrier which was delivered in September last year and Hyundai Samho Heavy Industries became the world’s first large shipbuilding company to win an order to build LNG powered oil tankers in March this year. Moreover, HHI plans to install its self-developed LNG regasification system dubbed “Hi-ReGAS” in LNG floating storage regasification units (FSRU), an order won this year.

Source: Korea Standard

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