Clipper Oil Provides Bunker Products Throughout the Pacific


Clipper Oil is a global wholesaler of lube oils and marine fuels that specializes in supplying ocean-going vessels throughout the Pacific Ocean. Operating internationally from their headquarters in San Diego, CA, USA, they cater to the bunkering needs of every sector of the marine market, including cruise ships, power plants, fishing fleets, cargo ships, and research/government vessels. They also supply Solar Salt and Ammonia to the Pacific Ocean fishing fleet.

Commenting on their operations in Majuro, the company’s Logistics Manager explained, ‘we distribute Marine Gas Oil ex. pipeline at the Delap and Uliga docks in Majuro, as well as Jet Fuel and Unleaded Gasoline (ULP) by truck. Furthermore, we stock a broad range of Shell lube oils, which are available in drums, cases and pails. We can provide a complete product list upon request. Majuro is just one of the many ports in which Clipper provides similar services.

Expanding on the topic of the company’s Majuro supply capabilities, the Clipper Logistics Manager continued ‘we supply refrigerant grade Anhydrous Ammonia in safe, high-quality cylinder tanks. Our company provides ammonia in tanks of varying sizes, starting from 68kg or 150lb bottles to 786kgs or 1730lbs tanks. Ammonia is mostly used by fishing vessels for their onboard refrigeration systems. We offer the same service out of our warehouse in Pohnpei, and guarantee the best prices on the market.

In addition to in-port supply, Clipper Oil provides fuel at sea via high-seas fuel tankers. They work with high-seas fuel tankers in the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Oceans to offer affordable and convenient fueling solutions to sea-going vessels. Most of the high-seas bunker tankers only supply MGO, but there are some that offer IFO-180cst and IFO-30cst. All the fuel that these tankers carry adheres to international bunker specifications as well as Regulations 18 and 14 of Annex VI of MARPOL 73/78. Rather than spend time researching current fuel prices online, clients interested in high-seas bunkering services should contact Clipper Oil directly through the company’s online platform.

Clipper Oil’s reach is wide, as the company has the capability to distribute in a variety of regions throughout the Pacific Ocean such as offshore Peru, Panama, and Ecuador, as well as in the Solomon Islands, Kiribati, Papua New Guinea, Micronesia, the Marshall Islands, and the Bering Sea. Although delivering fuel to the high-seas can be challenging, it is highly beneficial to the customer who can save thousands of dollars by avoiding travel costs and port fees. Those interested in learning more about Clipper Oil’s high-seas bunker services, or about the current diesel price per gallon in the nearest port, can contact the company today via the Clipper Oil online platform. The Clipper Team sends out a weekly email summary which contains recent fuel prices as well as the latest coordinates of the high-seas fuel tankers for those interested in taking fuel at sea.

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