Onboard Project Cargo Timesheet Logger App For Heavy Lifters By Arl-Shipping.Com


Android smartphone timesheet logger app released by arl-shipping.com for download on Google Play, syncing all loggings from the vessel’s smartphone to the cloud for operator headquarter and regional operation centres monitoring and follow-up, as well as sharing timesheet with agents, charterer and terminal operator.

By selecting the relevant marine and cargo handling milestones from the pool of available marine and project cargo handling milestones in the cloud, all vessels automatically align milestones on onboard smartphone, and produce a uniform timesheet for all port calls across the fleet. Cargo barge arrival and readiness, bedding material and checking of crane safe working load, planned stability during sequenced handling operation and more, logged on Android smartphone with a single click.

“Whilst some project cargo operators supplement experienced crew with designated senior heavy lift specialists from shoreside during complex discharge and loading operations, timestamps of handling preparation and completion still need to be recorded accurately, and shared with shoreside stakeholders, and here we believe our inexpensive Project Cargo Logger app with simple illustrative icons reflecting heavy lift milestones on a smartphone carried in the officer’s pocket contribute and digitise an otherwise manual process”, says arl-shipping.com director, René Bendt.

The logged milestones are automatically pushed shoreside via the smartphone’s internet connection allowing operator’s headquarter or regional operations centre to monitor ongoing port calls for all vessels in the fleet on a single video wall monitor, or on a superintendent’s desktop, only including his selected pool of vessels. Shoreside loggings and port call status are likewise shared with port agents, charterer and terminal operators for easy statement of facts and general progress update.


Heavy lift operators download the Project Cargo Logger app from Google Play, and try-out the Android smartphone app right away. Operator cloud setup is ready within a few days upon request, and monthly costs start at less than a few hundreds Euros per vessel including unlimited cloud logins, support, hosting and servers -no upfront investments.

Source: arl-Shipping

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