USCG guidance on safety considerations for simultaneous operations during LNG bunkering


The United States Coastguard (USCG) has issued a notice on the safety considerations for simultaneous operations (SIMOPS) during LNG fuel transfer operations.

Even though the guidance is provided to the Coast Guard Captains of the Port (COTPs), the safety issues highlighted in the attached notice are also relevant to LNG fuelled vessels.

Examples of SIMOPS for a LNG fuelled ship may include crew & passenger embarkation/disembarkation, loading of stores and cargo, discharging waste, loading and unloading materials and consumables including potable water, lubricants, and fuel other than LNG, gangway and mooring line operations while simultaneously transferring LNG fuel.

The scope of intended SIMOPS together with the provisions for managing/mitigating any safety or security concerns should be included in the LNG transfer procedures.

It is recommended that a formal operational risk assessment is conducted to identify and mitigate the potential impacts that SIMOPS may present.

The results of the risk assessment should be incorporated into the procedures for conducting SIMOPS and responding to emergencies in the respective Operations and Emergency Manuals. The COTP may examine these manuals prior to commencement of LNG transfer operations.

Source: The Standard Club

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