OOCL innovates by using 4FOLD Foldable Containers


OOCL starts using 4FOLD Foldable ContainersThe 7th biggest shipping line in the world OOCL starts using 4FOLD Foldable Containers. OOCL’s mission is to be the best and most innovative international container transport and logistics service provider. This innovative mindset had them to investigate the use of 4FOLD Foldable Containers. Thanks to efforts of ACL, OOCL is now using 4FOLD Foldable Containers between Shanghai and Japan. This relative short round trip makes it possible to benefit the most from the cost savings that 4FOLD brings.

OOCL already received a folding training at the Gangcheng Depot in Shanghai. During this training, the OOCL container management was attending as well in order to witness the folding process. The containers are now ready for the first roundtrip to Japan. Holland Container Innovations is very proud that OOCL uses 4FOLD Foldable Containers.

Source: Holland Container Innovations

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