Korean ports to install power supply for ships


Four Korean port authorities have agreed to introduce a power supply system for ships at berth to reduce air pollution, a measure already in practice in advanced countries like the U.S.

Authorities in Incheon, Busan, Ulsan and Yeosu Gwangyang will install “alternative maritime power” (AMP), at their wharves, where ships can connect power plugs and run on-board systems on electricity.

This will enable ships to conserve fuel and reduce engine noise pollution.

Until now, ships have had to burn fuels to run generators to stay operative, producing air pollutants like carbon dioxide, fine dust, nitrogen oxides and sulfide oxides.

At a meeting at Incheon Port Authority on Jun 22, participants agreed to work on an electricity rate standard, investment budget, and estimated operation costs to develop the system.

“Green port policies are becoming important in port authorities around the world,” an Incheon Port Authority official said.

“It is also one of the core elements to strengthen our port authorities’ global competitiveness.”

The world’s first AMP was introduced at West Basin Container Terminal Berth 100 in Los Angeles in June 2004.

China Shipping’s Xin Yang Zhou was the first containership to plug in to AMP at the port.

Source: Ktimes

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