Weekly Market Report 23/6/17 – 30/6/17



The market in North West Europe has been balanced and we have seen a fair amount of prompt- and forward enquiries. We see less delays in ARA and time being there are only around 2-3 vessels prompt open however, some with more favorable last cargos than others. The next wave of vessel availability will be from beginning/middle of next week. The majority of the cargoes we have seen has been butane- and propane enquiries ex UKC and Scandinavia. Most of the deliveries are heading into ARA-areas but we have also seen requesting options for Baltics- or further South. The larger coasters have been less active this week but some traders have been looking at larger sizes ex North UK, and ex North Spain. The Mediterranean market in general has been showing signs of improvement however, discussions are still not concluded prior weekend.


The market in the East has been showing signs of improvement. There have been several cargoes quotes of C4Raf and mixed C4 from southeast Asia to China to Korea range going into coaster vessels (3,500/5,000 cbm). Additionally, butadiene cargoes have been quoted from Indonesia to China. On the petchems, ppl cargoes quoted seem to be reappearing in the East which shows signs of an improved shipping market with ships having less idle time.

Time Charter Fixtures

Adriatic Gas (22,000 cbm) for 1 week TC to a/c Trafifura del USG on the 26-27 Jun- RNR

Sale and Purchase/New Buildings

No snp or new buildings to report.


No new scrapping news to report


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