Latest 3Si safety catalogue covers complete capability of products


Safety and Survival Systems International Ltd (3Si) whose companies include Ocean Safety, Typhoon International and Revere Survival, has published its 2017/2018 catalogue for the commercial maritime market, bringing together ‘best in class’ marine safety products.

Front cover of the new 3Si safety catalogue for the commercial marine industry.

The range of products is SOLAS and MED Ship’s Wheel compliant and includes liferafts, lifejackets, survival suits and other products manufactured by 3Si and available globally, as well as other leading brand names for which 3Si is a worldwide or UK wide distributor.The 80-page colour catalogue is the first issued by 3Si since it formed the group of companies which provides for absolutely every aspect of vessel, dockside and offshore operations safety.

The catalogue also provides information on bespoke lifejacket and suit manufacturing, either for company branding, custom design or other specialist requirements. More than just a product list, the catalogue is a source of expert advice and information for users, showing concise summaries of required equipment in SOLAS A and B packs, an at a glance list of different liferafts and their capacities, and a quick guide to choosing the most suitable lifejacket model.

Source: 3Si

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