South Korea to focus on reforming shipping industry


The South Korean Ocean Minister, Moon Seong-hyeok noted that he will focus on enhancing the country's shipping industry and adopt new technologies to advance its capabilities. The Minister also explained that these efforts will regard the fishery sector as well.

Moon Seong-hyeok stated that the country must speed up efforts to revitalize the shipping industry and recover its competitiveness.

He added that they must make the shipping industry a low-cost, high-efficient structure, while at the same time actively expanding S. Korea's global logistics network. Mr. Seong-hyeok also claimed that the sector must adopt smart technologies, such as artificial intelligence, big data and blockchain.

The fishing industry will not be left out of these developments, as it needs new growth engines throughout all areas, from production and processing to retail. For this reason, the Minister will communicate with fishermen and other experts to make the fishery sector one of South Korea's key industries.

What is more, South Korea will also focus on how to improve safety on local waters under the motto 'Safety First, Safety Last.'

Finally, the country aspires to reduce the emission of fine dust at local ports. In this aspect, the ministry aims to reduce such emissions by 50% throughout 2022.

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